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Dark Layout


The goal of this Power BI project was to create a visually stunning and modern user interface with a dark theme for an international company. The objective was to enhance the user experience, improve data visualization, and provide a sleek and engaging interface for data exploration and analysis. The primary focus was on transforming the default Power BI interface into a customized, dark-themed design that aligned with the company's branding and modern aesthetics.

My Work

Throughout the project, I collaborated closely with the company's stakeholders to understand their design preferences and branding guidelines. I conducted extensive research and exploration of design trends to create a visually appealing and modern dark theme for the Power BI user interface. I leveraged Power BI's customization capabilities, including themes, templates, and visual styles, to transform the default interface into a sleek and engaging design.

Using my expertise in graphic design and user experience, I created a custom color palette, typography, and layout that reflected the company's brand identity while ensuring optimal readability and usability. I applied the dark theme consistently across dashboards, reports, and visualizations, creating a seamless and immersive experience for users.

To further enhance the user interface, I incorporated intuitive navigation and interactive elements, such as tooltips, filters, and slicers, that provided users with a seamless and intuitive experience while exploring and analyzing data. I optimized the layout and arrangement of visual elements to ensure a clear and uncluttered presentation of information, facilitating easy data interpretation.


The outcome of this project was a successful, on-time implementation of a visually striking and modern Power BI user interface for the international company. The customized dark theme provided an immersive and engaging experience for users, enhancing their interaction with data and facilitating data exploration and analysis.

The modern user interface design aligned with the company's branding guidelines, reflecting their unique identity and modern aesthetics. The dark theme not only provided a visually appealing experience but also improved data visualization by reducing eye strain and enhancing the contrast between data elements.

The customized user interface design contributed to improved user engagement and satisfaction. Users found the interface visually pleasing and intuitive to navigate, enabling them to efficiently explore and analyze data. The seamless and immersive experience created a positive impression of the company's commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

Overall, the project resulted in an enhanced user experience, improved data visualization, and a modern aesthetic for the Power BI solution. The customized dark theme and intuitive interface design elevated the company's data-driven decision-making capabilities, allowing stakeholders to derive actionable insights and make informed decisions more effectively.



Data Analyst


As a highly skilled Data Analyst, I bring a strong background in statistics, data analysis, and data visualization to help organizations make informed business decisions. With experience in both quantitative and qualitative analysis, I have a proven track record of identifying trends, drawing insights, and presenting complex data in a clear and concise manner.

I am proficient in using tools such as SQL, Python, and R for data extraction, cleaning, and manipulation, and have experience working with data visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI. I have also developed advanced skills in statistical modeling and data mining, allowing me to identify patterns, make predictions, and drive decision-making.

In my previous roles, I have collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop data-driven strategies, and have worked closely with stakeholders to provide insights and recommendations based on data analysis. I am able to effectively communicate complex findings to both technical and non-technical audiences, and have a strong ability to work under tight deadlines and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

In addition to my technical skills, I am a proactive problem solver and a critical thinker, always looking for new ways to extract insights and add value through data analysis. I am committed to ongoing learning and development, keeping up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques in the field.

Overall, I am a results-oriented Data Analyst with a passion for using data to drive business success.


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